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Category Description
Annual Report Single publication to communicate year-long activities of a government agency.
Audio Communications An audio production for radio advertising, podcast, scheduled programming, or other form of public service announcement. 
Booklet or Brochure (15 pages or less) Booklet or brochure released during competition year.
Brand Identity A name, design, symbol, or other feature that represents an organization and is supported by marketing and communication materials to create a comprehensive and consistent brand identity. 
Calendar Internal or external calendar.
Community Engagement Forum Public forum held online or in person to inform and create a dialogue with stakeholders around an initiative, plan or policy. Include community engagement plan, promotional materials, documentation of the forum, and any metrics. 
Display Documentation of bulletin boards, electronic displays or other graphic presentations used to convey information.
Documentary Program that documents a person, place, event or thing, or places a topic in historical or cultural context. A majority of video used must be original footage or verified archival footage.
Educational or Promotional Campaign (greater than $100,000) Campaign more than $100k that educates the public or promotes a program, service, event or other government-related activity. Include samples of all materials created for the campaign.
Educational or Promotional Campaign (less than $100,000)  Campaign less than $100k that educates the public or promotes a program, service, event or other government-related activity. Include samples of all materials created for the campaign.
Electronic Publication Digital presentation, report or other type of electronic communications specifically designed for online distribution. 
E-Newsletter Electronic newsletter distributed to an internal or external audience using a third party email marketing platform like MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. 
Graphic Design Logo, theme art, or other graphic design product created or revised. Include former examples if redesigned. 
Grassroots Marketing Campaign Limited funding, "shoestring budget" marketing campaign that demonstrates a creative use of resources and includes evaluation methods for reaching target audience and achieving goals. 
Infographic  A visual representation of complex information, data, or knowledge, also known as data visualization or information design (internal or external audiences).
Internal Communications Comprehensive campaign with supporting materials that present information to an organization’s internal audience including webinars, training series, or other branded content. 
K-12 Educational Programs Program designed to educate, inform or persuade K-12 students on a topic or series of topics. Program elements may include video, audio, web-based or printed elements.
Magazine Printed and distributed magazine containing pictures, stories and other articles of interest. Submit three different issues. 
Mobile Advertising  Campaign designed specifically for mobile reach using smart phone applications, App advertisements, or text messaging services.   
Most Improved Publication Printed publication with current and previous examples, such as a brochure, booklet, magazine, newsletter, or report.
News Release  (Press Release is a dated reference) News release written in a factual style, intended to raise the profile or media coverage of an event, program, service, or other government-related information.
Photographer's Portfolio A collection of 3 to 5 photos that must have been shot and published within the contest year. 
Photojournalist's Portfolio A collection of 3 to 5 photos that were published  to communicate news or a newsworthy event.  Photography is judged by the beauty of the art, photojournalism is judged by how well an image captured news.
Poster Large display print items designed to promote, educate, inform or communicate information, in a graphical presentation.
Public Service Announcement (PSA) A single video PSA up to 60 seconds long.
Social Media Campaign (Paid Advertising) Paid advertising campaign on selected social media platform that includes the goal, duration, budget, target audience, creative, and performance analytics. 
Social Media Outreach (Nonpaid) Social media post for outreach on selected platform(s) that includes the message, creative content, and organic performance analytics. 
Soft or hard cover book (15 pages or more) Soft or hard cover book released during competition year.
Special Event or Conference Special event, open house, news or professional conference that raised the profile of a government agency, program, or service. Include all materials used to promote and support the event. 
Special Purpose Product Any visual communication product or collection of products that because of its design, purpose or audience does not qualify for another category, including maps. 
Special Purpose Publication Any written publication designed to promote, educate, inform, or communicate that does not qualify for another category.
Technical or Statistical Report Single publication to provide government, consumer, and other audiences with technical or statistical information about a government product, service or research. Entry should not be an annual report.
Website Collection of related web pages designed for a particular organization, service, program or event
Writer’s Portfolio Writer must submit a portfolio of three to five products published during the competition year for which he or she was the primary writer. Production cost and/or budget information is not required for this category.